Monday, 23 April 2012

The Work is moving along ... and I started to do better with the Language

April 22, 2012
How are you all doing? How was finals/work? Anything new or exciting? How is the ward doing? How is life? Anything fun happened this week? Any spiritual experiences? How has sharing the gospel been with your friends? How are the missionaries in the ward? Anything is exciting happening in the ward?
This week has been great and hard! My companion and I are SO EXHAUSTED! Plus it doesn't help that we haven't gotten good sleep this week because our neighbours around us have been very noisy! So we have tried to get as much sleep as we can. My poor companion has bags under her eyes :(. Nevertheless we still go to do the Lord’s work! We met 8 of our new investigators this week! So exciting! They are so awesome! I am excited to work with them!~ It'll be fun! ^^  We also met with some in-actives and we met some of our investigators this week! Unfortunately some of them had to cancel their appointments :( but we will see them this week! ^^ So happy! 
The Lord has really blessed us this week!! One day we met 2 of our new investigators. On our way to the appointment, we met a lady and she wanted us to meet with her, and stop by her place. She gave us her number and name! So crazy!!! ^^  The appointment was also great (there was 2 people--a mom and a son)! They were ready and excited to hear about the gospel, and they were also very opened to the 30/30 program.
On Saturday, we were supposed to meet with our 3 new investigators (mom, and 2 daughters). The two daughters brought their friends along as well!! So we got 5 new investigators!! Crazy right!? They were accepting of our message, and they were okay with the 30/30 program (30 min english/30 min gospel)!
The Lord has really blessed us this week! :) I don't know how my body could take this stress, but the Lord was truly blessing me and my companion to get through the day, and helping us find new people. I am still struggling with the language, but I am slowly learning it. I am starting to begin to understand what people are saying to me. It's a long process, but I am working at it. Everyday, I study the language. The mission has blessed us missionaries, and put a little pass off book together to help us learn the korean better! (Reading, grammar forms, and vocab). So the little book has really helped me! :) 
I am loving the food here, my favorite is Kimbap! It's a rice bowl with lots of veggies in it!! I really enjoy it, because we don't have lots of veggies as a missionary. We usually run off of cereal(expensive), rice, yogurt (if we have money), bread, EGGS (so cheap), and kim(seaweed), as well as kimchi! So anywhere I can get vegetables, I am SO happy! hahaha~ I do like other types of food too...although I haven't been able to experience a lot of their food yet, because I've only been here nearly a month. So yea~ Still excited to know more about their food! :D 
I have really learnt a lot about the Lord's work. In order for Him to bless us, and help us find people, we first must do our part and show the Lord that we are willing and wanting to share His gospel to others. We usually don't get blessed unless we do what we are suppose to do. Then the Lord can bless us! (we are continuously street contacting even though we are rejected by many. There are few of those that will stop and listen to our message which is always a positive to us. Sometimes we get those who are searching for the gospel, and we get contacts and eventually they become our new investigators :D). 
Right now, I am in Alma reading about Ammon visiting the Lamanites and how he served them. Through his service, the Lord blessed him with an opportunity to show the strength that he was blessed with from the Lord. He was able to share with King Lamoni about his beliefs in God, and was able to convert King Lamoni and many others. Just like missionary work, we serve, and people will see that we are different. If we serve with our hearts, not because we are obligated and because of that we are given opportunities to share the gospel about Heavenly Father, we can help bring others closer to Christ. 
I am enjoying reading the Book of Mormon, and definitely recommend it to everyone to read it all the way through with an opened mind and prayerfully read the book with the Spirit of discernment. To understand how it can apply to our lives. What the Lord wants us to learn from those words, etc. It really helps if you do that! ^^ You get soo much more out of the reading than just read the book without praying. Prayer and having the Spirit to be with you Is SOO important! It makes all the difference! It is essential to have the Spirit, because without the Spirit, we are lost. The spirit is the one who guides, teaches, and testifies to us. 
I am so glad to have chosen to come on a mission. Yes it is hard, and is discouraging at times, but the experiences, the closeness I feel with the spirit, the Love of God for everyone, and seeing people change their lives and turn their lives towards Christ is SO much more rewarding to me. They balance out the sadness and add even more joy in my life! ^^
 I haven't met all of our investigators yet because we have SO many and not enough time in our life, but I love them. I am So happy to know that they are trying to change their life, and follow Heavenly Father and turn their lives towards Christ. ^^ 
This Gospel is true, and everyone can find out for themselves through prayer and reading the scriptures (Book of Mormon and Bible). Together the scriptures testify of Christ, and one cannot be without the other. The Bible and Book of Mormon acts as witnesses of each other and testifies of the existence of Christ. This IS the restored gospel, and we Do have the Power of the Priesthood and the Authority on the earth today! Joseph
Smith WAS a prophet called by God! I know these things are true! I am SO happy to have known this Gospel! It has really blessed me and my
family, and still is blessing us! I have learned to really LOVE the Scriptures, and look forward to read them every morning! ^^ I know here is where I need to be, and that This REALLY is the Lord's work! He really does exist, and He REALLY does LOVE All of us and Knows All of us individually!~ I love this gospel, and I want to share this joy with everyone I can here! ^^ 
I hope all of you have an awesome week! and until next time, Stay safe! ^^ :) Can't wait to hear from you! Love you all Lots!
Sister Kwok