Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The work continues ...

April 29, 2012
How has your week been? How has work/school been? How is life? ^^
Well this week...Has been a very tough week! Disappointing, yet also good in a way. ALL of our appointments have been cancelled this week, and we were doing a lot of street contacting and sending stake conference invitations to our in-actives and investigators. 
We actually had an inactive sister attending the church yesterday!!!! She's the one that we go to help her out at her tea shop every week! She came with her daughter!!! We were surprised to see her daughter there!! ^^ so yes!! I felt soo happy to see her at church. 
We also had another inactive attending church this passing 2 weeks! We have an appointment with her this week! ^^ Sooo excited! Since we don't have a lot of investigators meeting with us, we use the time to focus on our less-actives! ^^ It's a little disappointed because none of our investigators are going to church, so they can't see for themselves how important the church is. Because they keep canceling the appointments, it is very difficult for us to share the gospel with them. :( We are hoping that we can meet with our investigators this week. 
Even though we had a tough week...we were able to get some contacts and able to get phone number from the contacts off the street this week!! ^^ I was talking to two harmonies (grandmas) and got a phone number from one! ^^ So we plan on contacting her. I told her how this gospel has blessed me and my family.^^ I asked if she wanted to learn more about this message, and my companion also helped me. We were able to get her name, and phone number!! ^^ So we are hoping to see her again! ^^ 
This week has been super-oober hard,  I somehow hurt my hip... I've been limping around all week...and trying to street contact at the same time hahaha~ doesn't really help because when they walk faster...I can't keep up. So yup...and I have a cold on top of my gimped leg! :( Well I think it's a cold...I'm gonna get it checked out today...and hoping it's not strep. 
Even though everything seems to be in the dump, we got blessings and I think we are just being tested with our faith. It definitely is hard to keep being positive, but we have tried very hard. On top of these trials and tribulations, we reluctantly had to pass 2 of our investigators to the elders in our neighboring area :(. Actually it’s a blessing that the elders will be meeting with them. We are unable to meet with these two investigators unless a woman is at present. It will work out for the better. We still have 3 other people that we need to contact. It will make up for our lost investigators haha~ ^^ 
I am half way done the book of Alma! It has been really good from studying Alma. I learnt a lot from Alma especially for this week. There were many things that helped me keep going. Alma and Amuleck were continue preaching, even though they were in very bad situations. They were down, but they never gave up. They continued relying on the Lord. Just like us as missionary, we are working as hard as we can, but we may not see any results yet. However, we have seen many mini-blessings/miracles that the Lord have given to us. 
Oh funny story!! So on Wednesday, I was such a bad companion...I 'killed' her with food. >.< So we went to visit one of our less actives, and we didn't eat lunch before seeing her. She had us to meet her at the Galleria. We waited outside for her. While we were waiting, a man came up to us and asked, "Do you know so-and-so?" We replied, "yes we do". He said, "Follow me". So we followed him...and he was like booking it..., we were running after him. He took us through Galleria, and it's like full of Channel, Gucci, Prada stores...You can imagine that we kind of felt a little out of place. HAhaha~ He led us to a car. He got into the car...and asked us to hop in, we were like...we can't get into the car with just a guy...Our inactive came out from the car and asked us to get in the car. She took us to her work, and she talked with us and we invited her to Stake Conference, and then we left. After a long morning, we were very hungry, so we decided to go to a kimbap place (oh correction my favorite food isn't kimbap, it’s bi-bim-pap). I ordered this dish that I thought it wasn't going to be spicy, but I was very wrong. It turned out that it was SUPER SUPER spicy. And my companion was eating away at her noodles, I was only able to eat 3 bites from my plate before I couldn't eat anymore. My mouth was on FIRE!!!! My companion offered to help me finish eating it. So she ate her portion and mine. :( my poor companion. 
After finishing our food, we were heading to one of our investigators. We were doing  a bit of street contacting on our way to our investigator. I proceeded to say "hi" to a harmony (grandma), and she was soo excited and started talking to me. She said "thank you" and also a bunch of other stuff to me that I could not comprehend... She gave me hoe-duck (these pancake like things that have peanuts inside...kind of like the red-bean stuff that we eat at home). Funny thing was that, out of all the people that we say "hi" to, this grandma gave us food...lol~ my poor companion lol~ So the grandma gave one for me and one for my companion. I didn't know it was peanuts inside, we thought it was walnuts...so I had to give mine to my companion because I am allergic to all kind of nuts except peanut... This was like an hour after our lunch...>.< So my companion ate them all. She was sooo full after eating all these food. 
While we were at our investigator’s place, our investigator fed us orange and some rice cake stuff...Oh!! my poor companion. I ate most of the orange trying to rescue her. So yup...she was soo full that she didn't want to eat anything else. She didn't eat dinner that night... Yet I was downing my dinner, in contrast, I was SO hungry lol~ hahaha~ While I was eating my dinner, we watched "Finding Faith in Christ" which was very good for us to watch cause it totally applied for our week!
^^ So that's about how my week is like.^^
Be safe, continue reading your scriptures! Have Faith, and look for the blessings in your day. Don't focus on the bad things that happened! Learn what you can do better. I hope all of you are doing well!! Love you lots and can't wait to hear about how you all are doing!! ^^ Love ya!!
-Sister Kwok