Thursday, 12 April 2012

Starting the work in YuSeong, Daejeon Mission...

April 8, 2012

HEY EVERYONE!!! how are you all doing? How has your week been like? Anything new or exciting happening? How was
conference? How was Easter?

Well this week...can't really say much...I got really sick with the flu :( But it's okay I am okay. I am better, and on the mend :). So I slept a lot, and just tried to get better. My poor companion, just took really great care of me! I love her! ^.^ And I feel sooo sorry for her, but we ended up being indoors for about 4 full days :(. So on Thrusday, she went on a member split with me. We had our mission mom come and watch over me while she was out. She went and visited one of our new investigators, and ended up having two new investigators. ^.^ So we set up another appointment with them this week, I get to meet them this week! sooo excited!! ^.^ hehehe~

Oh and on Tuesday, of last week (the day I got sick), on our way home for me to go to sleep, cause we made it to District meeting before I fell ill, we took a taxi and the taxi driver recognized us as missionaries, and asked if we believed in the Book of Mormon! ^.^ We said we did, and shared a little bit about what we believed, and gave him our contact information, and gave him a Book of Mormon! ^.^ So great! heheheheh~ ^.^

On Friday, I wanted to get out of the house, I was doing much better, but still in a lot of pain. We went to an appointment that we had made, but when we got there, the appointment fell through :(, and my companion could see I was not doing so well, so we decided to go back home. On our way walking home, a woman stopped us on the street and said she wanted to learn english from us! ^.^ She gave us her address and phone number and name. Sister Miller and I was SOOO amazed and shocked! We were soo excited. We just need to explain to her now that we have a 30,30 program. 30 english and 30 gospel. We'll see how that turns out, we meet her this week.

At General Conference, Saturday was EMPTY-ish! It was mainly mostly missionaries and a few members. But the sessions were AWESOME AND EXCELLENT!!! ^.^ Sunday's sessions were ALSO very VERY awesome! I was SOOO sad it was already over :(.

So what I learnt from conference....ALOT but I'll share a few things.

From Henry B. Eyring's talk I learnt these things: Welcome the challenges! You learn and grow from them. The Lord will NOT forsake you. If our foundation of our faith is not ebbed in our hearts, when temptation and adversity hits, our faith will crumble. So in order for us to build a good foundation we need to learn personal integrity.

From Jeffrey R. Holland's talk I learnt these things: DON'T JUDGE PEOPLE!! Don't covet their blessings, instead look at the blessings that Heavenly Father gave to you! Don't dwell on past, move forward and learn to be kind, generous, and have compassion. NO matter what you may have done in the past, all can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Come unto Christ. Apply the Atoning Sacrifice the Lord has given to us, and our lives will be soo much more at peace. It won't take away the trials, but it will make the burden lighter. ^.^

I learnt a lot more, but don't really have time to write it all down. Sorry >.<

Anyways, Funny Culture shock I had this week:

So on Sunday, between the Morning and Afternoon session, we had a potluck. So in America, you have tables set up with food on it, plates at the end of it, and you go along and pick your food and then leave the table and sit down and eat what your plate has. Well...NOT IN KOREA hahaha~ People stand around the table with chopsticks, and grab food with chopsticks. And you wedge your way into the table to get food. ^.^ I was TOTALLY shocked hahaha~ it's funny. I was fortunate to get some food though! :) I'm still trying to prolong my turn to go to the Korean Bathhouse...but eventually...I will be going with my companion! ^.^ hehehe~

I also visited with President this week, because I was in the mission home quite a bit this week, because I was sick. So we talked, and he said some REALLY good stuff I needed to hear! The best thing that he reminded me about was to STAY POSITIVE! think good thought and it will change your attitude. So that's what I have been doing, and my condition in my sickness has improved SO much more. Fact is, I still am sick and getting over it, but the mind can do wonders! ^.^ I am really grateful to President that He gave me such great counsel!!

Anyways, that's about my week! :)  REALLY loving it here in YuSeong! I can't wait to write next week, because I will have more to say! ^.^ hahahha~ We are going to rock it this week! I am so pumped hahaha~ ^.^ Well hope all of you are doing well, and I love you VERY very much! Take care, and Love you tons!
Sister Kwok