Saturday, 21 April 2012

Learning to be a Missionary ...

April 15, 2012 (Sunday)
Hello everyone,
So I am totally all better now, healthy…as I can be. Still have a little pain in my abdomen…but not so painful that I can't do work. So I am not too worried about it. I am slowly starting to have an idea of what people are saying to me…sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes. 
So I also found out that my birth area (YuSeoung) is one of the areas my MTC teacher served in!! It's soo awesome!~ ^^ This week, was an AMAZING week! Soo great and awesome!
So Monday was P-Day, and in the evening we went to go and visit one of our investigators. We have been talking about a baptismal date with her, but she has been SO busy lately, and will definitely not be able to get baptized until next month. But she attends church, her two younger children (are kind of inactive) but she was able to get them to church. We also were able to build more 'jung' with her and her family. So we visit them regularly, and we have seen a good outcome from visiting them frequently. Her children are starting to talk with us when we visit (the two younger ones…her oldest daughter practices her english with us, and we are helping her to apply to BYU). Also we have been able to build a relationship with our investigator. :)
Tuesday was District meeting. We had a combined district meeting, and we learned about how to become better missionaries by learning how to better use time wisely, learn how to work in monsoon season, working with your companion, and a few other things. We also shared our testimonies, and yupp~ it was fun!
And then after District Meeting, my companion and I went to our weekly appointment to another investigator of ours. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation, and focused on Eternal Families. She seemed more interested then. :) So it made me happy. She also attended church this week with her husband! :) Big progression step! :) 
Wednesday, was Voting day in Korea, so it's basically a vacation day for them…ALL of our appointments cancelled, but we went out and street contacted people. So yup~ that was a very hard working wonderful day! :)
Thursday…VERY interesting day!
We went and visited a member and her mom, who is less active. She owns a traditional Korean Tea shop/restaurant. We went there for lunch, but because she was super busy, and it was just the member and her mom who was serving the people. So my companion and I decided to help them out. We helped with the lunch rush, and they were so glad and happy. And then, just as we were eating, they got a reservation for Friday, and 25 people were coming to eat there for lunch, plus other people that would show up on Friday. So My companion and I decided to help out again. Plus we were studying about how to serve members in the ward and inactive members. We decided this was a good tool to show her that we love her, and do care about her. I think she really appreciated our help. We are hoping to do this often for her, so she will see that we love her and care for her. And hoping that will help her to come back to church. She has great faith, but there is something that is stopping her from coming to church. So we need to help her and find out what it is. 
We also visited our investigators and the “inactives”. We taught them lessons and yupp just all that goodness! :) hehehehe~
So Friday, we went back to the tea shop, and helped serve the people. It was fun, and they really appreciated our help. And I think we are starting to build some 'jung' with her! We definitely have built 'jung' with her daughter. Plus, her english (the daughter) is like perfect, so it's easy for us to talk with her! :) And she has helped us with some member lessons! :) I am So happy!
Saturday, was another busy day as well. We were out and about :) Don't really have much to say about it! haha~ OH we also celebrated 'black day'. That is for all the single people in Korea who didn't receive any chocolate on Feb 14. So we ordered 'ja-ja-mein'. It's noodles that are covered in black sauce. hahaha~ that's what people eat on Black day, and other days, but you eat it especially on Black Day! hahah~ ;P
Sunday…AMAZING!! So two weeks ago, one of our investigators got baptized, Sunday he got the Gift of the Holy Ghost! :) It made me SO happy! and we actually had 2 investigators at church! (the one I mentioned earlier above). And then we had 2 less actives at church too, and 2 recent converts at church! :) SOO happy! ^^. 
And then we had a ward sheek-sa (meal). That was fun! :) Good food, and lots of socializing haha~. OH and before the meal, we saw a member's child get baptized! That was fun to see! :) Then after that we went out and Jun-do ed the rest of the night. (Street contacting). WE did that for about 2 hours. And by the end, we were hot, dehydrated, and ready to go home, but we needed a few more contacts in order to go home. So we kept going...AND a Miracle happened. As I was crossing the street to catch up to my companion, cause she started talking to someone, a girl called out to me saying "Jesus Christ?". I realized she was talking to me and ran back to her and said "yes! Jesus Christ…I believe in Jesus Christ". And we started talking to her. She wanted to know why we were known as heritic, and had LOTS of questions. We stood there for probably a good 15-20 minutes talking to her about our church, and trying to answer her questions. Her boyfriend came, and we started to talk to him too. She had to go, and asked for a pamphlet, we gave her one. Unfortunately we didn't get her contact information :(. So we aren't able to contact her, but We were SO blessed by the Lord! He rewarded us for the hard work we were doing!! :) It made me so happy and grateful ^^. After that we went home and did our personal and companion and language study for the rest of the night! :) 
And I never really understood how hard missionary work was, but I am ALWAYS TIRED!! But the Lord blesses us and we are able to be out about doing His work, and still be alert! :) Also, if you can, HELP THE MISSIONARIES in our ward!!! Help them with Member lessons! Feed them! and Just TRY to make their work lighter!! It's really stressful to be a missionary, and when the ward members are not helping it makes it even more difficult for them! Our ward is VERY awesome and helpful, but I just want to stress that to you. Cause we have missionaries now in the ward! Just help them as best as you can PLEASE, when you have time! That will really help them out a lot! 
Well that's the update for this week~! :) We plan on going to a university park today to see the cherry blossoms, and then going to a buffet! :) Next week we plan on going to the Korean Bath house (Moe-gyo-tahn)…I will let you know how that goes…I'm a little scared but it will be a culture experience! ^^ So yupp. That's my week for you! ^^ 
I love you all VERY VERY much, and can't wait to hear from you!! ^^
-Love Sister Kwok! ^^ S2 <--that's suppose to look like a heart >.<
I have been reading in the BOM and am now in Alma 3~! I LOVE IT! it's gotten SOo interesting…that I feel like personal study isn't enough time…haaha~ I also am
trying to read out of the Korean BOM every day! to practice on my Korean, and it has helped me. I am slowly beginning to piece together what it is trying to say in the Korean BOM…So yeah~ :) I am very very happy!! :D