Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Down to 6 days before I leave for Daejeon, South Korea !!

March 20, 2012
MY GOODNESS I HAVE ONE MORE WEEK LEFT IN THE MTC!!! I AM SOOOOO READY TO BE OUT OF HERE!!! BUT I am sooooo nervous. This week is going to be LOTS of review, “craming”, and planning and “preping” for the field!
I am doing well even though I am VERY STRESSED!! This past week has been a little tough but an AWESOME ONE!!! :D I, again :(, got an infection in my throat and nose! (Can I just say, I CAN'T WAIT until I am out in the field and have some space between people, and fresh air...because in the MTC it's circulated air, and you're with people all the time so it's SOO easy to get sick). Anyways, So I am just getting over the cold, but I am doing well! :) So don't worry about me! :) 
I did get a blessing! So last week, I told you about my problem, it's gotten a little better, but not the same as it was. But I asked for a blessing because it was really bothering me SO much that it was hard for me to focus on the work. And in the blessing it said this:
-"You are a light to those around you. Continue to be that light throughout your mission"
-"In times of trials, you ALWAYS have some one to turn to"
-"Use your time wisely in the MTC! there isn't much time left before you go out into the field"
-You were saved for these latter days
-Heavenly Father wants you to know that He Loves you
-You are surrounded by great and wonderful Elders and Sisters in your mission
-A blessing of Comfort that you will be comforted in the MTC and in the Mission field.
After the blessing, I read my Patriarchal blessing, and I didn't understand a certain word in my blessing so I searched the scriptures to find out what it meant. So, I read in D&C 121:41-44 and 1 Peter 5:3. From these scriptures I learned that in order to have Virtue of the Priesthood, we must do the following that was listed in D&C 121:41-44. And While we do those things, we must remember that when we Feed His Sheep, we do it out of Love, and because we WANT to not because we HAVE to. And that when we teach them, we remember that we are not any better than them. We are all equals, We all learn from one another. So just learn to LOVE your brothers and sisters and serve them with all your heart, might, mind and strength!!!
Also this Sunday in Relief Society Meeting, Sister Barbara Bradshaw talked to us. A few things I learnt from her amazing talk was:
-Bondage: ANYTHING that is holding you back and keeping you from progressing forward.
-In order to combat Bondage, we must 
1) Turn to the Lord with FULL PURPOSE OF HEART 
2) Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart 
3) Serve Him with ALL diligence! 
IF we do all these, we will be in-tuned with the Spirit, and will be aligned with the Spirit and its thoughts. It is then we can serve him with EVERYTHING we have and be able to seek out His lost sheep.
One important thing I learnt from Sacrament last Sunday from one of our branch presidents is that we as missionaries must LEARN and KNOW Christ if we want our investigators to Know and learn of Him. And once we know Him we ALSO need to learn to Love HIM like He loves us, because once we do that we take upon ourselves the attributes of Christ, and learn to be like Him, and we will then TRULY serve and feed His sheep. With an eye-single to the Glory of God, He can work through us and create Miracles in lives of others. 
And then, in the Sunday Fireside, I learned to "Keep my fishing line ALWAYS in the water". Meaning, Always seeking opportunities to do missionary work. And take the effort to actually talk to people, because it is when we talk that people will want to learn more about the gospel. If we don't share the gospel and talk, they will only see us walking by and think "we look different" but not think anything of it. So we must take the initiative to go and talk to people, and share the gospel. 
Three Key things for a missionary to have in order to be successful is: A.D.E
And then Saturday, we got to see Mary again! And guess what?! EXCITING NEWS!!!! SHE WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED!!! BUT...she is afraid to ask her parents to get permission to get baptized. We really hope that everything will go well though. We are also going to give her to our new district, because we are all leaving next Monday March 26th. So we are hoping that she will be able to get permission and be baptized soon. This week has just been an awesome Spiritually uplifting week! 
I am So excited to go to Korea!!! I am very very happy with my progression here learning the language, and I know that I will feel like I don't know anything in Korea, but I am determined to still be able to try my hardest and move forward, and learn this language! Because in these past 12 weeks, I have learnt SO much already with the help of the Lord, and I know that the Lord WILL continue to help me especially while I am out in the field! 
Yesterday, my teacher went through the Language Study Plan with us, and it TOTALLY stressed me out, but was a good stress, because now I know how to plan my Language Study, and I know what I will be doing during my Language Study time out in the field. 
I also learnt that even though we don't have much time, there is always time to utilize it to the best of your ability. ie. learning dano while doing exercise, and during meals, and while you aren't talking to anyone around you. So it was REALLY good to know this, otherwise, I might have not known what I should do when I got out into the field! hahaha~ :P Well I am doing very well, and I am SO excited to go to Korea~ I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH! and want to thank you for ALL the support you have shown to me and given to me! LOVE YOU ALL!!! And take care!!!
Sister Kwok