Thursday, 29 March 2012

Arriving in Daejeon, South Korea !!!!

March 27th, 2012

I am FINALLY in KOREA!!! :D MY goodness! IT IS AMAZING!!! and I am sooo excited to be here to do the Lord's work! My mission president is AMAZING!!! They are sooo joyful and just really warm to be around! We got into luncheon around 5:30 pm or something like that, and then didn't get into the mission home until 10 pm. So far, it is very very nice in Korea!!! :D
The trip here was an adventure! hahaha~ When we were in Salt Lake airport, one of the native Koreans lost her itinerary and her ticket to board onto the plane, but thank goodness the airline crews were able to print another plane ticket for her. Also when going through the check point, everyone was through, but I got sent back down to the ticket office because they didn't print out my first airplane ticket! 
Then, when we landed in San Francisco Airport. At San Francisco Airport, one of our Native Korean Sisters got stuck at the check point area, and all the sisters had already gone through the check point area. So two of our elders were with her for half an hour because the office messed up on her boarding ticket as well. Then after they got through, one of our elders found out that he lost his passport! It was really scary. We all said a little prayer for him to find his passport. After like an hour or so, we found out that they gave the elder's passport to the wrong person, so we got it back! That was really a relief! 
On the plane, one of our elders got REALLY sick and he started puking :( so he was given a blessing. All of us got through the airport just fine! BUT then one of the sisters who is going to Seoul mission, took one of my bags with her (accidentally), but thank goodness it wasn't my bag that had all of my personal stuff. It was mostly my clothes, but it has some of my Korean books and some documents :(. So I am Korean-less for the next few days :(. I really hope I can get it back asap. 
My first impression of Korea...LOVE IT!!!! At night it's like not's ALL light!!! it's like a never sleeping city-feel to it! :) I guess  kind of like how Hong Kong is like! Well I am sooo happy to be here to share the gospel to Heavenly Father's children!!! :D
Tonight, we will be proselyting in Korean!! FOR MY FIRST TIME!!! I AM SOOOOO NERVOUS!!! I DON"T KNOW WHAT TO SAY AND I FEEL LIKE I DON"T KNOW ANY KOREAN!!!!!AHHHHHHHH!!!!! but I know that the Lord will help me! I am sooo excited!! and Can't wait to start His work! ;)
I hope all of you are doing well!! IT was really really nice to talk to you all yesterday :) I love you very very much! (sorry today's a short email...I don't really have much to write head is still spinning. Trying to soak it all in! haahha~ and I think I will be able to adjust to the time here better...I didn't wake up at all last night so it is good). (Korea is about 14 hrs ahead of you guys.) Well, I will keep you updated next week!! and tell you how my first week in Korea is like!! hahaha~ I am sooo excited to meet my trainer, I don't get to meet them until tomorrow. I am kind of hoping to get the native Korean sister trainer, but whatever happens, I will be happy to meet her! 
I love you all very much and can't wait to hear from you all! (it takes about 10days to get mail). Love you all! bye for now!!
Sister Kwok