Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Life continues in MTC ...

Jan 31, 2012
Last week we got our Native Koreans missionaries!!!! :D THEY ARE SOOO AWESOME!!! they are very happy missionaries! hahaha~ and on Sunday, we had a very fun time at our temple walk! Took lots and lots of pictures with the Korean missionaries!! :D they are very funny and photogenic hahaha~ And they were SO excited to be out of the MTC!! :P we took pictures all the way up to the Temple and at the temple! ;)

Today my companion and I went to the temple, and we did Sealings. I just want to thank you Mom and Dad for being sealed in the temple and for Enduring to the End! I wish that for everyone, and it gives me the desire to find those who are ready to receive the gospel so that they can also enjoy the blessings from the gospel and from the temple! :) I truly enjoy going to the temple each week! I really feel the spirit, and am SO happy for the rest of the day! :D It really sets the tone! :D hehehe~

And I am soooo sooo excited for the devotional today! Today is the 50th anniversary of the MTC!! and I am sooo excited because some of the apostles and first presidency is coming to speak to us today!! :D YEAY!!!! I am excited to hear the message they have prepared for us missionaries!! :D

Also the language has been coming a long. I look back and see how far I have come, and I thank Heavenly Father for helping me along the way!! There still is a lot to learn, and it takes time, but I am confident that the Lord will help me to understand it better. We were challenged last night to start to teach our lessons with out notes. I'm a little scared, but I know it will be okay, because we can form simple sentences, and I know the spirit will help us.

This past week, I got sick! :( I was the last one in the district to get sick...hahaha~ so I'm not really that "tzah doaw! ;)". hehee~ But yea, so I missed TRC this week, but next saturday, I'll be able to go! :D

Also yesterday was not a very good day for me, I don't know why, but I was really down and my spirits were low. Until, my cha-mae started to cry in our last class because she was struggling with what she was trying to say in Korean. It was then that I realized that I was being very selfish and only thinking of myself. It made me sad to see her crying because she was frustrated, and stressed (because we weren't allowed to use english at all, and she didn't know the words in korean and we were not allowed to look at any notes). It also reminded me that my mission is not about myself! I am here to help others and help others grow. So I "rolled up my sleeves and got to work". I comforted my cha-mae, and tried to help her as best as I could. We then had a small girl-talk last night and had some cookies. :) And we said companionship prayer. I hope she is doing better. She did say she was feeling better today after the temple! so I am glad to hear that :).

When I was writing in my journal about yesterday's events, these phrases popped into my head (sorry I don't know which scriptures they are and I don't know if it's a correct word for word citing) but here they are:

"Lose yourself in the work and ye shall find yourself in the work"
"When ye are in the service of your fellow being, ye are only in the service of your God"
"Love one another"
"Feed my Sheep"

I realized this is my purpose, to help others come unto Christ, and to be a guide for them to strengthen their relationship with our Father in Heaven. I am only His instrument, but it is through the spirit that people can Come unto Christ. And someone said to me this week that I represent the Lord and His Voice, so I will do my best to represent Him as best as I can! :)

Oh! I forgot to tell you that I got called as a music co-ordinator in my branch ;P so I am enjoying that calling!!

Well I am over time... :P so I will go now~ :P and I will have a great week! and I look forward from hearing from you all, and I love you all very very much! I will continue to stay positive, and Love everyone around me and be patient! :D hehehe~ LOVE YOU and take care!! :D

Sister Kwok