Saturday, 24 December 2011

Time Period Prior to leaving for MTC

Many things had happened .... The "call to serve" came, there were many
things to do prior to leaving for the mission ....

October 2011
  • Continued to work and save money
  • Attended the Temple preparation class
  • Studied "Preach my Gospel"
  • Scriptures studying, pondering and praying
  • Immunization shots - Oouch !!! It was painful and expensive ....
  • Check list was made and checked over and over again ...
  • Reviewed checklist weekly
  • Did workouts and tried to get in shape - hard !!!
  • Watched Korean shows with sub-title to learn the language - fun and interesting !!!
  • Learned the Korean Alphabets ...

November 2011
  • Continued to work hard and save money
  • Planned the Temple endowment and made a to do checklist
  • Planned Open House and made a to do checklist
  • Packed bags and reviewed over and over again
  • Oops - car accident !!! rear-ended; Hit-and-run
  • Pain ... lots of pain... stiff muscle on neck, back and shoulder
  • Too much meds - caused pain in stomach
  • Doctors visits, ICBC visits, Police visits and Physio visits continued ...
  • Could not work, had to stay home and rest  :-((
  • Daddy gave blessings ... prayed and fasted to heal faster

December 2011
  • Continued Physio and doctor visits ...
  • Pain and stiff ... could not do much..yuck!!!
  • Continued to learn Korean language and Korean culture from Korean member family - wonderful !!!! THANKS !!!
  • Temple Endowment - Dec 27, 2011; Thank you to all friends and family support
  • Open House; Thank you for all the love and support
  • READY and EAGER to leave for the mission